Production History


Sarah Tolan-Mee and Leicester Landon in Melena


The Gospel of Loving Kindness by Marcus Gardley

The Hunchback of Seville by Charise Castro Smith

Melena by Emily Young


Principal Principle by Joe Zarrow

Reunion by Greg Moss

Timeshare by Rachel Caris Love


She’s Not There by Alix Sobler

The Killing of Michael X a New Film by Celia Wallace

My New Best Friend by Brooke Berman


Dog Park by Paul Grellong

This is my Office by Andy Bragen

Baz & Me a New Musical by Nate Sloan, Andrew Hertz and Lowry Marshall


Dogs of the Blue Gods by Ian Fraser

Life Science by Anna Ziegler

Chicken Grease is Nasty Business! by Michael Miller


Girls on the Clock by Diana Fithian

In Spite of the Devil by Andy Bragen

Painting and Eating by Rachel Caris and Zoë Chao


boom by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb

Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom by Jennifer Haley

Torah! Torah! Torah! a New Musical by Steven Levenson and Andrew Hertz


Power of Sail by Paul Grellong

Iggy Woo by Alice Tuan

Speech & Debate  by Stephen Karam


Warfare by Paul Grellong

Those Who Can, Do by Brighde Mullins

Girl on Girl by Stephen Karam