Chicken Grease is Nasty Business!

Chicken Grease is Nasty Business!

by Michael Miller

Directed by Lowry Marshall

Chicken Grease is a Nasty Business

Liz Morgan and Jonathan Dent in Chicken Grease is a Nasty Business

Modestine fries the South’s best chicken, but her once-tight family has popped right out of the pan!  When she adopts a baby to lure her sons back home, best friend Peal calls her crazy, and Dwayne’s bride-to-be clearly has other plans.  Delmar falls hard and Dr. Long offers mouth-to-mouth as this dizzying plot twists clean out of control. Naughty language! Frisky business! Not for kids or young teens.

“This is a comedy that contains an outright farce wanting to break free. When it finally does, through the surrealism of an outlandish extended Viagra sight gag, the tone might be awkwardly broken, but most of us will be laughing too hard to care — not even when we are expected to believe that Delmar has to deliver a baby himself even though they are in a hospital. Chicken Grease is propelled by outlandish plot turns and wholeheartedly committed acting that makes the evening too funny to worry about such niceties as Aristotelian unities” Bill Rodriguez, The providence Phoenix, 2009.

Michael Miller (Playwright). Michael’s play Sweating Sugar was recently produced as part of Factory’s Theater’s Cross Current Festival.  Touch the Sky and In the Freedom of Dreams, the Story of Nelson Mandela were produced at the Lorraine Kimsa Theatre where he has been the playwright in residence a few times over the years.  His play El Paso also had its world premiere at Factory Theater.  A Patchwork quilt was produced in Great Britain where it was shortlisted for the Writers Guild award for excellence in playwriting.  His play Birds of Feather won the prestigious Chalmers Award for playwriting and his first play The Power of Harriet T has toured across Canada.  Michael has been the recipient of numerous grants from all levels of government.  He is the former Administrator of Obsidian Theatre and former Artistic Director of Theatre Fountainhead.  Chicken Grease is a Nasty Business! was developed through the Play Creation program at Canadian Stage.